Lash Lifting

A Lash Lift is the ‘curling’ of the eyelashes, achieved using a series of gentle treatments to attain a natural looking curl and lift of the lashes.

The key benefits are more prominent, curled and defined lashes. This treatment is a fantastic alternative to the high maintenance that comes with lash extensions.

Lash lifting gives a fantastic result and a wow factor on par with extensions, but with greater longevity and much lower maintenance and expense.

The lash lift and tint are the perfect combination for any woman wishing to replace the daily use of a handheld eyelash curler and mascara, with the stunning results lasting for 6-8 weeks.


After more luscious lashes, or greater definition of your brows?

Tinting is the treatment for you!

A Brow Tint, lasting approximately 4 weeks, functions to thicken and accentuate your brows by colouring them. We have a selection of tint colours which we can blend together to create a perfect, custom matched shade, tailored towards your needs (Thicker or darker) suitable for your complexion and colouring. We keep a record of this colour to ensure brow perfection every time you drop in.

A Lash Tint functions to darken your lashes, making them appear longer and more voluptuous. Coupled with our lash lift, this is the perfect treatment for people looking for a no fuss beauty solution, or for those seeking added definition around the eyes.


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